To order a custom piece, first start filling out the form at the bottom of this page. When it ask you questions about your custome order come back and pick out your stone from


Each stone has a number assigned to it such as A1 or C3 You should refer to the stone by the stone's name and number ie: Charoite B2. Hold your mouse over the stone that you want in the MATERIALS page.

Next pick the material you want your stone set in; 21 gauge Argentium (Tarnish resistant sterling silver .935) wire, 14/20 Gold Filled wire, or both. If both do you want silver or gold in front?

Finally pick a top decoration and frame STYLE for your piece.

Go to the "Contact Me" link and place your order. The price will be between $40.00 and $160.00 depending on the value of the stone and price of wire at the time you order it. The price will be given to you at which time you may confirm and pay or cancel the order.

Your order, if confirmed by you, will ship the following business day.