Some of my fabricated jewelry.

Our Approach

Our philosophy

Helga says "Jewelry is for fun." Well, this is true, but only if you get a good quality piece of jewelry, at a good price and with the confidence that if for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with it you can return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Our Story

Our Story

We retired and got into lapidary and jewelry classes, and after a while we ran out of family and friends to give jewelry to as gifts, so we started a business selling hand made jewelry. We also added fun jewelry so we would have items at a variety of prices.

I'm having fun just making silver jewelry like you see above. I hope to see you soon on our store front.

People often ask me how I got into wire wrap. I explainthat it all started when my wife, Helga, wanted to learn wire wrap. She sat down in front of her computer and took a course on line. At the end of the course they held up their project to the camera and she held up her project to the monitor screen. They did NOT look alike. Helga decided that she needed some one on one personalized instruction. She signed up for a class in wire wrapping in Sonora, CA. It's about an hour from our home in Merced. When the time came it was a drizzly, overcast day and she did not want to drive up the hill alone. Helga ask me if I wanted to take the wire wrapping course with her and I of course, as any husband would, said, "No thanks".  Next she enticed me with the offer of "I'll pay your tuition. It's $45". Well, I knew that we have a joint checking account. So I thought maybe I should try a different answer. I tried "Okay". That seemed to make her happy and off we went to Sonora. When we got there there was another couple that were there to take the course also, (apparently he figured out the right answer too). The four of us took the course and at the end the boys were better than the girls. We came home and Helga lost interest in wire wrapping but I never did. That was back in 2008.

Meet the Team

We are a small team but we are DEDICATED to you. We discovered early in life that the easiest and best way to achieve happiness is to make someone else happy.


Helga Feddersen

Founder,  CEO & CFO

I love jewelry. My family in Germany had jewelry stores before WWII. They buried some jewelry in the back yard when they left the east to go to West Germany. As a child I remember my grandmother crossing the boarder once a month and coming back wearing jewelry. People over 70 were allowed a once-a-month pass to "go home" for a visit.

I was a teacher for 36 years and always collected a piece of jewelry when I traveled to Africa, Europe, the far East and since my mom loved cruises, on all 29 cruises I took with her.

Once I retired I had lots of time so I started a red hat group, joined the local garden club and a big rock club. Ernie and I started taking jewelry classes together. I now love working in class and all the special stuff he makes me.


Ernest Feddersen

Vice President

I Graduated Sequoia High School, Redwood City, CA in 1968 after which I went on the DeVry Institute of Technology for a year and came back to College of San Mateo to graduate with an AA in electrical technology.  I worked for Pacific Telephone & Telegraph, Pacific Bell, and SBC (all the same company and now known as AT&T) for 30 years. When I retired in 2005 things started to get really busy. Now I'm Membership Secretary of The Mother Lode Mineral Society, web master and Vice President of Helga's Sparkles. I also do a lot with Merced Garden Club and often help Helga's friends with their computer problems. Recently I signed up with the local seniors club to help others with their computers. I'm a student at Modesto Junior College, still learning new techniques to make jewelry. One week of the month I share my knowledge of wire wrapping to some of the students of the jewelry class. When we go to craft and art shows, I often give wire wrap lesson to others in our RV. I love working on projects with new people. Since Helga now has arthritis in her hands, I do almost all the new pieces. She loves talking to people while I love working on jewelry so you may see me with my head down busy making more wire wrapped jewelry.


Helga Feddersen: "Jewelry is for fun."

Cindy Lauper: "Girls just want'a have fun."

Ernie Feddersen: "We accept credit cards"